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Who has Raj Yoga in Kundli – What does Astrology say?

Raj Yoga

There are many types of yoga in Astrology. Raj Yoga occurs only for a few. Raj Yoga is not available to everyone born into the world. A child is born who enjoys Raj Yoga only at a certain place in the world at a certain time, in this post check Raj Yoga in Kundli and how it works and really who has Raj Yoga in Horoscope.

About Raj Yoga

The Sanskrit word Yoga means fusion or combination. In addition, the word ‘Raj Yoga’ means ‘Kingly addition’.

The power to rule many as King and official is available to only one in a million. In this post we will look at “How would be a planetary position that gives one the Raj Yoga that can empower one”.

Ascendant(Lagna) must first be strong in the Horoscope to enjoy Raja Yoga. If the lord of Ascendant is not strong then the horoscope will not use it even if the horoscope has a chance to get Raja Yoga but the lazy horoscope will not do any work …

When the Sun Exaltation in Aries, the earth gets more light. Similarly, when the Sun reaches its Debilitation house Libra, the impact of the Sun’s light on the earth is minimal.

Similarly the light variations of other planets can have an impact on many aspects of human life on Earth.

Effects of Raj Yoga in Kundli

Astrologers refer to different types of yoga in each person’s horoscope. But only one in a million is empowered to enjoy Raja Yoga. The Sun is the giver of that powerful Raj Yoga. The Moon supports this.

This yoga can be found in the horoscopes of all politicians and IAS and IPS officers who enjoy power. This Raja Yoga depends on their karmic reactions.

The Sun and Moon’s Role

The Sun and Moon are light planets. In a good yoga horoscope the Moon should be at the Kendra of the Sun as the Moon receives and reflects light from the Sun.

If the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun or the Sun is in the fourth, seventh, or tenth positions, the horoscope will receive Raja Yoga.

Although the Sun and the Moon are Kendra to each other, if the houses in which they are seated are one, four, seven, ten of the Ascendant(Lagna) Kendra houses then it is first quality Raja Yoga.

The tenth house is the presence of the sun called DigBala, which is also called the place of occupation, where the horoscope indicates what profession one will do? Or how will one live? Raja Yoga means a lasting government and organization.

Just as the Sun is strong in one’s horoscope, so should his house Leo. The zodiac sign of Leo is usually strengthened when looking at Leo from the Sun in Aquarius, according to the rule that House(Bhava) is usually stronger if it is seen by its lord.

The Sun and Moon with less strength in Kendra, the auspicious Jupiter in Aries or Sagittarius and looking at the Leo Sign with his Trine vision will also give state-type Raj Yoga in Kundli.

Raj Yoga was said in many ways according to the practice of the time. In a way, a strong Sun and a strong Leo will make one  the people’s representatives as the Mayor, the MP, the MLA, and thus in the positions of the Minister, the Chief Minister, the Prime Minister and the President.

These positions are for a limited time. Since the horoscope varies according to Dasa Bhukti, they will only be in office for five years and ten years.

Sivaraj Yoga in Astrology

The strong Sun is in contact with the Tenth house and is the system in which the Jupiter and the Sun face each other. Make someone IAS, IPS officers and beautify. Yoga better known as ‘Sivaraja Yoga‘.

The words he speaks are ‘Command sentences‘. Many will be waiting to hear what he has to say.

Sivaraj Yoga is the practice of seeing Jupiter and the Sun equally in the seventh view. In this yoga, Jupiter and the Sun should not be weak, hostile or debilitated.

And in this yoga there should be no contact of malicious planets. Depending on how strong the Sun is, one can go from being an ordinary official to a high official in government.

Similarly Most Powerful Raj Yoga in Astrology

Vipreet Raj Yoga

If the malefic planet is affect in a horoscope it will turn into Raj Yoga. Gives better benefits to the person than bad benefits. i.e confers Learning, Longevity, Fame and Prosperity and Success in all ventures.

Neechbhang Raj Yoga

Makes one go from low to high in life. Giving all kinds of hardships in the first stage of life and then giving all kinds of pleasures and luxury life to enjoy. Let’s check Neechbhang Rajyoga full details.

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