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What is Gajakesari Yoga? and its Effects and Benefits

Gajakesari yoga

Gajakesari Yoga is known as the most powerful and optimal yoga, which is known in Vedic astrology. Gaja means elephant. Kesari means lion.

This yoga develops when a ‘Kendra‘ from the moon is occupied by Jupiter. These are the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses from the moon is the ‘Kendra‘.

Jupiter often refers to material wealth and Spirituality, Wisdom, Devotion, Worship, and it also refers to Children and Wealth.

The Moon, on the other hand, symbolizes Grace, Happiness, and Prosperity. Yoga develops when the two come together, and it promises when it is created in Kendra House. Jupiter, by compulsion, must be at the ‘Kendra‘ from the Moon to form Gajakesari Yoga. If Jupiter or the Moon is in the enemy’s house or weakens, the auspiciousness of Yoga is also challenged.

Gaja Kesari Yoga Effects

Gaja Kesari Yoga is the most favorable yoga for a person caused by the planetary combination of Jupiter and the Moon. It is believed that it brings sharp intellectual abilities and immense prosperity in one’s life. The person in this Yoga will be much loved and respected by the people around him.

Gajakesari Yoga Benefits

If Gajakesari Yoga is very strong, the horoscope will have a reputation, leadership, fame, virtue, wealth, great wealth, intelligence, higher education, a high family, and a reputation that will last even after death. The most powerful Gajakesari Yoga will bring fame, money for many generations, good sons and daughters.

It is for this reason that the natives with a strong Jupiter shine throughout their lives and are blessed with peace of Mind, Prosperity, Wisdom, Helpfulness and plenty of Joy.

Strong Jupiter helps people to attract in various professions like Banking, Finance Management, Administration, Consulting, Law, Astronomy, Money related Job and some people do good Rituals as a profession.

Now, let us discuss another important aspect of Gajakesari Yoga-Marriage

Details of Gajakesari Yoga in 12 Houses

Let’s see what are the benefits of having Gajakesari Yoga in 12 Houses in Astrology.

Gajakesari Yoga in 1st house will give intelligence to a person. Making him smarter.

2nd house Gajakesari gives economically stable income to the person who has yoga. That person gets rich easily.

This Yoga in the 3rd house brings courage. Similarly. Profit by younger brother and sister.

Gaj Kesari Yog in the 4th house will give the best higher education. Buying more than one House, Vehicle.

The person who has this yoga in 5th house will study higher Education like MPhil, Phd. Will have good Children. However, The presence of the Jupiter in the 5th house will forbid Child Yog.

This yoga in the 6th house will not give auspicious benefits.

This yoga person in the 7th house will give success in business, joint venture. A good marriage is possible.

In this yoga in the 8th house will not be able to enjoy the best benefits.

Gajakesari Yoga in the 9th house has a strong religious intuition. One who has charitable thoughts. A good advisor.

The 10th house will be the biggest success in the Industry. Opportunity to work in the field of Accounting and Banking.

Gajakesari  Yoga in the 11th house makes one rich. And will give more profit in the industry.

This Yoga is not effective in the 12th house.

When will Gajakesari Yoga work?

This Yoga may appear in the horoscope of many natives and it depends on the planetary associations. It is of course based on the position and dominance of the two planets Jupiter and the Moon. Also, one point with caution says that they should also get rid of the effects of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

This Yoga is believed to be effective only during the Dasa or Bhukti periods of the Moon and Jupiter.

Jupiter or the Moon, which is very strong in Gajakesari Yoga, Moon should be ruled or exalted and not should be debilitate. It can be said that Jupiter or the Moon is very strong even though it has Vargottama.

Important Notes about Gaja Kesari Yoga

The book ‘Jataka Chintamani‘ says that there are only two special rules for Gajakesari Yoga.

1. The Moon is in Pisces to be the Jupiter in Sagittarius,

2. Gaja Kesari Yoga states that the only presence of the Jupiter in Aquarius and the Moon should be in Taurus. What this means is that you must gain the strength of Jupiter or Moon to succeed in life. In that case Moon exalted in Taurus gain strength.

Gajakesari Yoga Marriage

Vedic astrology believes that the 7th house of the birth chart is for marriage. Gaja Kesari Yoga 7th house will reap the joys of native marriage and become a good wife from a good family.

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