Virgo Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Virgo sign

Age cannot be weighed against the appearance of those born in Virgo zodiac sign. They always want to keep themselves young. Those who have the energy to pay close attention to everything. Virgo zodiac sign are good at keeping others talking and looking deeper. They want to start their own business.

Virgo Sign DatesAugust 23–September 22
Virgo Star (Vedic Astrology)Uttara Phalguni 2, 3, 4 pada, Hasta, Chitra 1,2
Element Earth
ColorGreen, Blue, Pale-Yellow
Ruler –  Mercury

Virgo sign

Virgo sign

Virgo Characteristics

Virgo sign people can do relaxed work without rushing into anything also they will only work if it catches the mind. They just want to be happy. They don’t talk to hurt anyone. Those who can adapt themselves to the situation.

They are eloquent and knowledgeable. Those who humble themselves and exalt others. They just want to be comfortable.

Born in Virgo sign are those who have a charming appearance and good manners. They often have no enemies. They cares for the welfare of those around him.

No matter how many difficulties come they will not worry about it. Everything will be decided in consultation with the family. They do not like their physical activity much. They will not tolerate being insulted.

Virgo Traits

They have no shortage of cash flow in life and do not like to borrow. Will cost sparingly. Virgo sign born people will not crave for something that is not available. Those who are satisfied with being. They want to learn all things.

If you fail to be recognized by others for your talents and abilities, you will be crowning yourself. You will question the tragedies that are happening around you.

Even if you work for others, you will often want to start your own business. Even if you have less money, you still want to do what you love. Either way you will not continue to be a worker.

You will make more profit by using your knowledge and skills. You will have less physical exertion. Virgo zodiac sign is usually normal. Even if you get angry, it will disappear as soon as it arrives.

Marriage Life of Virgo Sign

People born in Virgo will always want to live a comfortable life. Despite the hardships and sufferings, they do not worry about anything. They will live life as happily as they thought.

Virgo is a person born with the characteristic of giving up a life partner. Life is satisfying if you live without exaggerating any thing.

Born into a large family and initially united, you will be separated and living alone after marriage. However, they do not do anything without consulting the family.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Economic Status

His credit will be generous to those born in Virgo. They are less inclined to relax and engage in something even in their spare time and earn money.

Cash flow comes from his knowledge, skill, and eloquence. They live according to their income and live without debt.

They will set up their own house, land, car and vehicle facilities. There will also be energy to spend on welfare work and to some extent.

They will save the money they earn responsibly. They have a habit of buying and adding old items and books and will spend a lot for these too. It is better to be cautious when it comes to buying and selling money.


Those who are lucky enough to give Virgo zodiac sign in the case of children. For a few, girls are more likely to be born.

Female children are more likely to be raised as male children and not to act contrary to their wishes. Thus Virgo zodiac sign will achieve positive benefits by children.


It can be said that there is no art unknown to those born in Virgo. Even those who have a greater love for the arts.

Those who choose two or three fields without stopping at one and see success and profit in it.

Those born in Virgo will have the opportunity to work in many fields such as teaching, engineering, foreign ambassador, lawyer supervisor, accountant, writing storyteller, cinema, dance, drama and painting.

Talents such as speaking skills and artistry are evident in any field. People will gain fame by engaging in public service. Practical translation and painting are the most lucrative fields.

Even if they join in small work, they will go to the peak of fame due to their experiential effort as they age. They will also increase their savings by spending frugally on physically easy tasks.

Foods to Eat

Virgo zodiac sign are snack lovers but will eat anything in moderation. It is good to eat cow’s milk, curry and fruits often in their diet. They will satisfactorily eat whatever is available at the time of hunger without much preference in high quality foods.