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The Secret of Child Yog in Kundli

child yog

The Secret of Child Yog – How many children; Have a baby boy? Or have a baby girl? As some hints are sure in a person’s horoscope. This should be determined after examining the horoscope of the husband and wife. In this post we will look in detail at what astrology says about Child Yog.

For a person to say whether or not he has Child Yog in Kundli, should be check the 5th Bhava for Ascendant(Lagna). And explore the position of the Jupiter and then find out.

Husband and wife in Child Dosha are likely to go a little late or have no children only if their horoscope is flawed. This can only be determined on the basis of various studies.

If Saturn, Rahu or Ketu or Guru are in the 5th place of Ascendant(Lagna) together or separately, the blessing of the child will be delayed.

What can Astrologers say about Child Yog?

Generally, the Astrological Sign says that the 5th lord of Ascendant is the male planet, the male child, and the female planet the female child is born. If the baby girl is born late, it will give all the resources to its parents. But this rule is not feasible in practice.

Astrology can also tell the time of a child’s birth. That is, it clearly states in which Dasa Bhukti period of the horoscope this child will be born. As well as whether a baby is born normal or is it born by surgery? It can also be said.

It is also possible to know whether the children of a horoscope are good or bad. That is, it is possible to know whether children born to parents cause happiness or anxiety.

It will also indicate whether the children to be born will be twins. It can also be said that twins are born during the Dasa period of any planet.

Astrology will tell you who does not have a child of their own and therefore who has the adoption yoga.

It also means that the couple will adopt child during which Bhava period. Similarly, a person’s birth chart indicates who will adopt the child and their child will not grow up with the parents.

Male Child Yoga in Kundli

Child position is 100 percent in good condition in the couple’s horoscope. This means that if the Child position(5th Bhava) is in a 100 percent good position with contact with the Cardinal zodiac and the horoscope person resides in his native place, more baby boys will be born.

The ascendant, the Moon and Jupiter placed in odd signs in both Zodiac wheel(Rasi chakra) and Navamsas will promote acquisition of a Male Child Yoga.

The strength of the sun and Jupiter in odd signs causes to have a baby boy.

Girl Child Yoga in Kundli

Child position(Sthana) in the couple’s horoscope system is 100 percent good, which means that the child position(5th Bhava) is associated with the Mutable Zodiac with a 100 percent good and the horoscope person resides in his native place, surely the girl child will be born.

The ascendant, the Moon and the Jupiter placed in even signs in both Zodiac wheel(Rasi Chakra) and Navamsas will cause birth of Girl Child Yoga.

The strength of Mars, the Moon and Venus in even signs will promote acquisition of a Girl child.

Twins Baby Yog in Kundli

Third house – Virya position; Fifth house – Child position. The twins are born to be in the third house together with the third house ruler and the fifth house ruler. And since this conjunction is in good condition, the time and place of conception will create a greater chance of having twins.

This conjunction placed on odd sign there is a chance of twin male child. But this conjunction is in the even sign there is a chance of twin baby girl.

How Child yog is affected by planets in a horoscope?

Venus Combustion

Women who are combustion with Venus and the sun are the ones who give more work to the brain. For such women, most of the nutrients they eat go to the brain. This results in the formation of weak spermatozoa. This can lead to infertility.

Saturn Strength

Those who have Saturn strong in the horoscope can go for hard work all over the body. Most of the nutrients that such people eat are spent on physical activity. Thus forming weak ovaries.

Impact on Mars

Mothers do not have enough blood cells if Mars strength is low. Will suffer from anemia. Do the ovaries get the right amount of blood when they do not have enough blood? So this system is also problematic.

Jupiter Debilitated

For those with less Jupiter strength or Debilitated, a lot of nutrients are needed for the heart to function on a daily basis and for it to function. Those who are deficient in such nutrients will develop less fertile ovaries. How can a baby develop if the embryos thus produced are affected by nutrient deficiencies?

Most Reasons to Delay Child Birth

If one’s horoscope is associated with the 5th Bhava called Poorva Punya Bhava and the 6th Bhava called the Enemy position, and the 6th Bhava is the Cardinal Zodiac, the person will have to experience more tribulations by the Child.

If a person has the 8th Bhava Cardinal Zodiac sign associated with the 5th Bhava called Purva Punya, the 8th Bhava of life position and sudden loss in the horoscope system, then that person will have the tendency to lose his child or live apart permanently.

Venus and Mars are strong in one’s horoscope there will definitely be childbirth. Even with moderate strength the baby will be born late.

Although the two planets are 6th, 8th, 12th places or Debilitate or have animosity, the Jupiter, the Ascendant, 5th Bhava ruler Even if one of them is strong, one has Child Yog after medical treatment.

Virya Bhava Effects

3rd house Let us call it Virya Bhava, this Bhava causes a person to desire lust over his partner. And the 5th house represents the sperms count. Definitely they have Child Yog, Also, these two houses should not harmed by the malefic planets.

If the 5th Bhava is spoiled and the 3rd Bhava is fine then have a child through medical advice. But if the 3rd Bhava is spoiled and the 5th Bhava is good then the system of adoption and upbringing of the child will be formed.

Purva Punya Bhava Effects

The malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn or the Sun anyone are sit in the 5th house, a few will not have the privilege of having a child yoga.

If the malefic planets in the 5th place are seen by the auspicious planets (the auspicious planets are different for each Zodiac sign) the Child Yog occur.

How to know Child Dosha?

Although the position of the child in one of the couple’s self horoscope system is severely affected, if one is strong there is definitely a chance of having a baby girl. From this it is essential that the Child Bhava in the horoscope is in good condition for someone.

What are the types of Child Dosha?

There are a total of eight types of Child Dosha.

1. Serpant Curse

2. Pitru Dosha

3. Matru Dosha

4. Fraternal curse

5. Matula Curse

6. Brahmin curse

7. Stree Dosha

8. Magical Curse and Death Curse

Common Questions about Child Yog

Which house in astrology is for child?

The 5th house is called the Child house, which is considered important to determine the birth of the baby.

In astrology which planet represents Child?

Planet Jupiter is represents Child and Wealth.

Which house is responsible for second child?

The 7th house in astrology represents 2nd Child and Spouse.

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