Scorpio Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Scorpio Sign

People born in Scorpio sign will have a majestic appearance. They will be quiet to watch. But when anger comes they will suddenly leave the word without worrying about what others will think. The mother’s affection is very high. Will do more favors for others.

Scorpio Sign DatesOctober 24–November 21
Scorpio Star (Vedic Astrology)Vishaka 4, Anuradha, Jyestha
Element Water
ColorRed, Yellow, Scarlet
DayTuesday, Thursday
Ruler –  Mars

scorpio sign

Scorpio sign

Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpio zodiac signs are easily emotional. There will be a lot of anger in front of them. No matter how many failures come, they will persevere and finish. They should pay attention to savings.

Born in Scorpio, which is dominated by Mars, you will comfort yourself no matter how many difficulties you face. You will end up doing any action stubbornly.

You are like a tiger running after an ambush. Earthly Mars is becoming your zodiac lord. Therefore, the property will always be in your name on a small scale.

Some people are iron deficient. Many people have problems such as high blood pressure and hair loss. For you, there is cash flow and savings later in life.

Your spouse will be popular in some way. Will be very interested in the arts. He is very fond of you and treats you like a friend.

If you work four days you will want to be comfortable for two days. You often go abroad. Those of you who like travel will pay for it.

Scorpio Traits

Scorpio zodiac signs are naturally mischievous. Those who are more stubborn. No matter how great the difficulty, they will not care. They will persevere and achieve anything.

There will be those with innocent faces to look at. He will not give up his possessions for anyone. Their words will be clever. It is difficult to talk to them and win.

Those born in Scorpio will be more involved in social services. They are also involved in charitable giving. Despite the difficult life in youth, they will live a comfortable life in middle age.

Marriage Life of Scorpio Sign

People born in Scorpio can get a lot of benefits in terms of life partner. They will live better with spouse with good facility, opportunities and fame, status, prestige etc.

Their likes and dislikes will be matched by a life partner. They will take care of the family by making receivables expenses. Marital life will be happy so that no one will have any difficulties.

Even with parental support until marriage, there is a need to live alone after marriage.

Scorpio Sign Economic Status

For those born in the sign of Scorpio, the amount of money will be enough for the facility. There is no shortage or cash crunch for them.

In a way, they have money in their hands. Those who aspire to luxury amenities. The sale of native property will meet his needs.

They struggle in adolescence but earn well in middle age and save enough to sit and eat in old age. Even if the house is own it will be old or the property of others.

But at the right age, they will get a house, land, cart, vehicle facilities and for some, they will live in luxury with cows and calves. The chances of going abroad are not high. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The economic situation will be generous.


Those born in Scorpio often have a lot of divine grace for children. They have a small number of children. Children bring them benefits, value and fame in society.


From an early age Scorpio zodiac sign people are involved in social welfare services and work tirelessly for others. They will achieve anything because they are stubborn people who do not give their favorite.

Born in Scorpio sign have the opportunity to earn money in government jobs or in political fields. They also buy and distribute perfumes, honey, and wheat.

Will be a medical scholar and renowned in the field of chemistry. Those who want to be free will think they have to walk under him.

Foods to Eat

They focus on food and eat only nutritious and healthy foods. It is good to include red radish, onion, red cabbage, cauliflower, novel fruit, cashew nuts, spinach, fruits etc. in the diet.