Sagittarius Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Sagittarius Sign

People born in Sagittarius sign are medium and slightly taller. They have long necks, wide lips, long fingers, thick hair, thick eyebrows and charming eyes. Women have fleshy chins, beautiful rows of teeth, sharp eyes, and beautiful feet.

Sagittarius Sign DatesNovember 22–December 21
Sagittarius Star (Vedic Astrology)Moola, Purvashada, Uttarashada 1st pada
Element Fire
ColorYellow, Sky Blue
DayThursday, Monday
Ruler –  Jupiter

Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius Characteristics

If they get down to one thing, they will fight and win no matter how many interruptions come. They put more emphasis on the minds of others than money.

If someone insults them they will leave them no matter what they are. Failure to do so will easily lead to failure. They have the power to predict what will happen in the future.

Sagittarius zodiac signs are generally active. Everyone will behave well. These people do not want to be addicted to anyone. These people will not get angry easily and it will be severe if anger comes.

You can achieve anything if you talk to them politely. Those who have a lot of devotion, compassion and dharma thinking.

Sagittarius people are those who consider the problem of others as their problem and have the mind to help them. So they will get into trouble. Most Sagittarius zodiac signs are born into affluent families. They do not like physical labor much.

Sagittarius Traits

Most people born in Sagittarius sign are of good height. These are people with attractive physique. People born in Sagittarius will live with a purpose. Often Sagittarius zodiac signs have a lot of pride and will speak up for themselves. They would have made more friends.

They are generous. Those with self-control. Sagittarius zodiac sign have good morals and behavior. These people are spiritually inclined. Those who perform temple worship. Those who work diligently. Will act responsibly in the family. Will act with uniqueness in the office.

They will get better education and wisdom from a young age. Those who have good friends. He will treat those older than himself with devotion and faith. Often these zodiac signs want to befriend people of equal status and influence.

Marriage life of Sagittarius Sign

For those born in Sagittarius, it is better to get married a little late. Getting married early can lead to many problems.

The physical condition of the spouse is also often affected. This can lead to division and misery in the family. If they are men, they will have sex with another woman after marriage. It is better for both husband and wife to adjust.

Sagittarius Sign Economic Status

People born in Sagittarius will live with facilities from an early age. Cash flow will always be unrestricted for them. Even if you plan to buy and repair a new home, you may still have to borrow money.

They will reduce the needs according to their living conditions. No matter how many hardships and troubles in a comfortable life, they will fulfill their needs without exaggerating it.

They find it difficult to walk long distances and will increase their car and vehicle facilities accordingly.


Babies born in Sagittarius are born late. Definitely not a lot of babies are born to them. Because one or two are born, they will be the ones who will be benefited and loved till the end. Children will reap the benefits of society.


Those born in Sagittarius will often have the job of educating teachers, engaging in scientific research, and honorable assignments in the government way.

Many have the opportunity to work as a lawyer, military fire department, accounting, computer department, and places with good cash flow that can provide advice.

The business of Sagittarius astrologers is small or large and they do it with dedication and are guides to others. Promotion, income increase, etc. will cause themselves.

Although the joint venture does not give them much benefit, if they are traders, they will make a profit by selling sugar, jaggery, fruits, etc. You can earn well as a supervisor in large companies or as a commission agency.

Those who have the ambition to achieve something in a field without even wasting leisure time. Some people also benefit from painting, sculpting, and drawing.

Foods to Eat

Sagittarius astrologers include spinach, carrots, cabbage, green peas, almonds, barley, etc. in the diet and it is better to avoid eating cold.