Retrograde Planets Aspects and Effects

The Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu have neither Retrograde nor Combustion. In this post we will see What is Retrograde; Aspects of Retrograde Planets; Where do the Planets Retrograde; Significance of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Mercury Retrograde.

What is Retrograde?

We know that planets other than Rahu and Ketu revolve around the zodiac phase clockwise. Usually the planets Moon, Rahu and Ketu do not reach Retrograde.

Apart from these, the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are released from the sun’s radiation and sometimes move backwards in a Retrograde system.

Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Planets

For example we travel in a car called Earth at a speed of 80 km. Nearby a car called Jupiter is coming parallel to us at a speed of 80 km. Suddenly the Jupiter car drops to 60km and now when we look at the Jupiter car it looks like it is moving backwards.

Similarly, when the planets revolve around the edges in an elliptical orbit, the rotation speed decreases slightly away from the sun’s radiation. This is the Retrograde of the planets.

Aspects of Retrograde Planets

The Retrograde of a planet is considered very strong in one’s horoscope. As well as if a retrograde planet debilitated or sits in a hostile house, that planet gives Raja Yoga.

The planet will give the benefits of the previous house(Bhava) from the existing Zodiac.

Retrograde usually works opposite. If a planet reaches its Exalted and gets retrograde it will lose its helping power in the person’s horoscope. That is, if a planet reaches debilitated and gets retrograde, it will give good benefits the person in many ways.

The lords of the 1st, 5th and 9th houses get retrograde, which is very much beneficial to the person(should not conjunction with 6th, 8th, 12th house lord). It can be seen that there is a Retrograded planet in the horoscope of many Geniuses and Leaders.

A person who has a retrograde system in one’s horoscope has a multi-dimensional life. Some will have a high life and some will have a hard life. Do not forget that such a horoscope can be studied well and then come to a conclusion.

If the retrograde planets are in contact with the 2nd house or the 7th house it will give problems by the family and the wife’s family.

Where do the Planets Retrograde?

Jupiter and Saturn reach retrograde when they stand in 5,6,7,8,9 houses from the Sun in horoscope.

Mars reaches retrograde when it stands in the 6th, 7th and 8th Zodiac Signs from the Sun.

It is difficult to know the planets Venus and Mercury retrograde without the help of the Almanac. But now it is possible to know the exact degrees and minutes through the application.

Planets Retrograde

Usually in Astrology only the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are Retrograde. In this post we will look only at their common benefits. This benefit should not be taken directly for prediction. Because the benefits vary depending on the house where planets Retrograde and which houses are ruled by planet and based on person’s Ascendant.

Venus Retrograde

Reconsider before expressing affection. Misrepresentation of associates with others. Doubting the affection of others. Cheating as if you were too obsessed with relationships or abandoning them at important times. Loss of happiness through wrong decisions. These are all general rules. The benefits vary depending on the house where Venus retrograde and the lord of which house he is and based on person’s Ascendant.

Beauty, all kinds of Arts, all the love shown to everyone is significance of Venus. When Venus is retrograde in a child’s birth horoscope, parents should teach children to adhere to good habits in the current environment and to treat people from all walks of life with love, affection and respect.

Mars Retrograde

Expressing anger in the wrong place, making it difficult to handle in competitive situations. Depression due to inability to cope with conditions. Mars retrograde stimulates more spiritual desire, so it is better to do good nutritious food, more sleep, outdoor exercise and so on. Problems in buying a home. Engage in yoga and meditation. These are all general benefits.

Jupiter Retrograde

Doubting one’s credibility. Considering oneself higher than others on the inside. Being with a lot of attitude. Containing religious questions internally. Parents will be more strict with children. The inner mind will be restless. They are reluctant to talk casually to others. There will be disagreement with the children. These are all general rules.

Saturn Retrograde

Will always be inferior. Feeling inadequate in anything. Covering up fear. Problem in business, Slave labor. Hard worker. Wanting solitude. There will be individual human morality and self-control. Involvement in sports such as swimming, chess, tennis, in which they will succeed.(Individual Sports)

Saturn alone is the significance for individual morality. In this article, all that has been said is only to know about astrology. These are all general rules do not take directly for prediction.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde means those who have the ability to think differently, but do not know where and how to use it. They don’t use the right words at the right time. Has subtle knowledge. Despite good knowledge there is a barrier to study. Even well-educated graduates will not benefit from it.

Only he will show himself to be smarter and intelligence than others. Will create vain problems. Will be lazy. Good technical knowledge. Success in the field of Communication.

They show themselves to be young. Disagree with friends and relatives and cause problems. It is difficult for them to get a good name in the society. These are all general benefits.

Common Question of Retro Planets

What happens when planets become Retrograde?

Retrograde planets give the effect of the previous house they are positioned.

What planets are in retrograde right now?(2021)

June 20, 2021, Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius till 14th September 2021.
Saturn retrograde from May 23, 2021, to October 10, 2021.

What sign was Saturn retrograde in 2021?

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius and back to Capricorn.

What is the effects of Saturn retrograde in 2021?

Effect of Saturn’s retrograde will increase the sufferings of Sagittarius; job will be affected, Families will suffer so the workload will increase. At the same time income will increase.

Is Saturn retrograde good or bad in 2021?

It is based on the particular horoscope, but generally it is good.

What is the effects of Mars retrograde?

Generally, Mars retrograde might make you struggle to take tangible action. It’s not a right time to make major professional endeavors, physical work, or sexual pursuits.

What happens during Venus retrograde?

Generally, During Venus retrograde, Wasteful spending will increase. Avoid buying luxury items. Sexual pleasure is not good at this time. It is affecting the relationship so avoid getting married during this time. All effects are vary based on an individual horoscope.