Planets and Diseases in Astrology

Astrology and Diseases

In this Astrology and Diseases topic we will learn about 12 Houses Body Parts in Astrology and Planets and Diseases in Astrology.

Planets and Diseases in Astrology

Planets and Diseases in Astrology

12 Houses Body Parts in Astrology

1st House Diseases

Appearance of head, face, brain, hair, obesity

2nd House Diseases

Face, eyes, teeth, throat, nose, larynx, voice

3rd House Diseases

Ears, neck, shoulder arms, fingers, trachea

4th House Diseases

Breast, lungs, esophagus

5th House Diseases

Heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, small intestine, gallbladder

6th House Diseases

Kidney, intestinal tract

7th House Diseases

Cervix, Fallopian tubes rectum, ovary, abdominal urethra, kidney

8th House Diseases

Genitals, anus, anus, penis, vagina

9th House Diseases

Hip, thigh

10th House Diseases

Knee, limb area, skeletal bone marrow

11th House Diseases

The skeletal system of the legs is the ankle

12th House Diseases

Feet, toes, soles.

Planets and Diseases in Astrology

The Sun Related Diseases in Astrology

Fractures, eye irritation, digestive problems, headache, sinus, vision problems, visual impairment, Tuberculosis, Heart attack, Heart disease, Heart related problem Thyroid, Osteoporosis, Spinal cord problem, Calcium deficiency, BP problem.

The moon Related Diseases in Astrology

Diseases of the mammary glands, diseases caused by contaminated water, intestinal ulcers, anemia, digestive disorders caused by food, indigestion, intestinal diseases, vomiting, insomnia, diarrhea, colds, itching, stress related diseases, blood pulse, memory related problem , Breast tumor, gastric ulcer, intestinal ulcer, cold, sputum, Acne related problem, Hemoglobin deficiency, food poisoning, blood circulation problem, Period problem. Problems related to food digestion, water related problem, mental developmental disability, bleeding, psychology effect.

Mars Related Diseases in Astrology

Body heat, Smallpox, smallpox, bone marrow problems, neck problems, typhoid, weakness, poisoning, gonorrhea, Vitamin deficiency diseases, body inflammation, bone inflammation, hemorrhoid leprosy problem, cut wounds, muscle cramps, joint pain problem, joint problems, dental problem.

Jupiter Related Diseases in Astrology

Problems and diseases of the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, liver diseases, dumb, oral problems, ligament problems, obesity problems, Inflammation, bloating, nausea, pancreatic problems, brain cancer, liver cancer, jaundice, amnesia, nose, related problem, Brain stroke, encephalitis, rheumatoid arthritis, liver problems. Brain problems. Autism related problems.

Venus Related Diseases in Astrology

Diabetes related kidney disease, Kidney related problem, Diabetes, Salt disease, Sexually transmitted diseases, Acne, Kidney stones problem, Sexually Transmitted Infections Sexually Transmitted Infections, Kidney, Kidney Stone Problems, Uterus, Uterine Tumors, Urinary Tract, Sperm Production Diabetes related problem. Genital problems, Sexual problems, HIV., AlDS fatal disease, Uterus problem, Penile genital problems.

Rahu Related Diseases in Astrology

Respiratory problems, Lung problems, Spleen inflammation, Lip ulcers, Infectious diseases, Fungal diseases, Cleft tumors, Allergies, Hair problems, Blisters, Diseases, Cholera, Warts, Asthma, Cancer,
Cancers, cysts,
wheezing problems, respiratory problems, respiratory problems.

Mercury Related Diseases in Astrology

Tongue problem, deafness, ear problems, neurasthenia,
Problems with the skin and nervous system, problems with the joints and fingers, problems with the cartilage,
Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the most common cause of nasal congestion.
Problems with the ribs, problems and diseases of the hands and navel.

Saturn Related Diseases in Astrology

Problems related to foot eruption, foot eruption, leg problems, lethargy laziness, dizziness, physical fatigue, epilepsy, small bowel, colon related problem, rectal problem, anus related problems, body waste related problems and diseases, juvenile, muscle ulcers, Critical disorders, disability related problem. Lame, leprosy related diseases, problems related to physical disability.

Ketu Related Diseases in Astrology

There is no such thing as diseases that belong to Ketu.