Pisces Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Pisces Sign

People born in Pisces sign have a majestic appearance, slightly shorter than normal height and a high forehead. Long nose, small convex lips and lined teeth.

The mane and smooth hands are located. The eyes are as beautiful as a fish and the eyebrows are as beautiful as a bow. They will easily seduce others with their meek and flowery melancholy looks and beautiful face.

Pisces Sign DatesFebruary 19–March 20
Pisces Star (Vedic Astrology)Purvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra & Revati
Element Water
ColorYellow, Purple, Red, Violet
Ruler –  Jupiter

Pisces Sign

Pisces Sign

Pisces Characterisitics

They will be on display with smiling faces. They are always wandering in dreams. People born in Pisces will behave as if they are adapted to the situation.

People born in Pisces zodiac will plan and do any thing. If someone insults them they will never contact them again. They are very clever. They will achieve anything by talking.

Pisces zodiac talk unnecessarily and cause problems. Those who are good at finding fault with the work that others do.

They want to live comfortably. Those with a lot of compliments. Those who have a mind that equals pleasure and pain.

Many people born in this zodiac sign want to start their own business. They work hard and add wealth.

As soon as your baby is born, your quality of life will improve. Many of you will travel long distances to get to work.

You will progress by following the example of your father. You will be interested in trying something different even if you follow Dad.

Pisces Traits

They say ‘the mind is bigger than money’. You will be careful not to tarnish your image anywhere and anytime.

But these people cannot keep secrets. They will be patient and at the same time talented. Most of these people will be timid in nature.

Pisces zodiac sign are devotional. Will be respectful to the elders. They will be more involved in spiritual and divine matters.

It would be an exaggeration to say that people born in Pisces are always floating in the fantasy world. Those who are generous, patient and self-confident when the mind is clear.

They think of the sorrows of others as their own sorrows. He does not know how to hide any secret he has. They can easily become addicted to bad teachings and bad associations. The sooner they fall in love with someone the sooner they will let go.

Marriage Life of Pisces Sign

People born in Pisces will want a comfortable life. The marriage will be according to their wishes. It is a little late for the marriage to take place.

A few also have second marriage arrangements. Property can come in handy despite unnecessary distractions from the spouse and their relatives.

Husband and wife do not have intimacy like other zodiac signs. Disagreements in life will increase. They have devotion to God and respect for elders, so they engage in spiritual and godly pursuits.

Economy Status of Pisces Sign

People born in Pisces are often the oldest in the family. There will be no shortage of cash flow even if you are forced to accept family responsibilities from an early age.

They will amass wealth on their own initiative. They will build land, house, land, cart and vehicles with the money they have earned.

If you praise them, they will give to others. Despite all the hardships and difficulties, they will live a comfortable life without compromising on the comforts of their lives.

They love to wear expensive clothes and accessories. Profit from dance, drama, lottery, race. People who take pleasure and pain together but often face troubles with debt.


Usually they have one male child and one female child. By them, fame, wealth, influence will rise. Some even adopt and raise children.


Those born in Pisces will have the opportunity to do water related businesses. For example, they are frequented on ships, boats, canoes, etc., and are proficient in the fishing industry.

You can entrust them with any responsibilities. Income also comes in divine and spiritual things.

Opportunity to work in Bank, Interest Store, Jewelry Business, Government related works. Products such as milk, ghee and butter are also profitable.

They will have the potential to play a leading role in whatever industry they are involved in.

Foods to Eat

People born in the sign of Pisces love to eat hot food without missing a beat. It is good to drink a little water before eating.

Eating spinach, cabbage, cucumber, green peas, carrots, whole wheat bread, barley, cashews, etc. are very good for health.