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Neechbhang Rajyoga

neechbhang rajyoga

Everyone has different types of planetary systems in their horoscope. Planetary Aspect, Conjunction, Rule, Exaltation, Debilitation, Kendra and Trine. There is Panch Mahapurush Yoga and various Raj Yogas. The most popular of these is “Neechbhang Rajyoga“. The planets must be in a very strong position when this yoga brings immense benefits to a person. It is experienced and works perfectly.

Neech(Debilitation) is the weak system of the planet, whichever planet becomes Neech(Debilitated), the properties and significance of that planet are not available to the person.

All the planets will reach their Exaltation and Debilitation in such house in Horoscope. We can’t even get 20% of the benefits from Neech(Debilitation) Planet. At the same time the planet will give the supreme Raj Yoga if there is a “Neechbhang“.

Which Planets are Neech(Debilitation) in which Zodiac Sign?

The Sun – Libra
The Moon – Scorpio
Mars – Cancer
Mercury – Pisces
Jupiter – Capricorn
Venus – Virgo
Saturn – Aries

Click on the link to know the detailed post about the Exaltation and Debilitation houses in the Horoscope.

Neechbhang Rajyoga Benefits

Makes one go from low to high in life. Giving all kinds of hardships in the first stage of life and then giving all kinds of pleasures and luxury life to enjoy. Let’s see how “Neechbhang Rajyoga” works.

Keeping many obstacles in education and then achieving them. Taking someone to the brink of poverty and giving them wealth. Owning multiple homes after creating a situation where even rent is unaffordable.

After wandering without getting a good job, getting a job overseas and changing living standards. It is the opinion of many astrologers that good results can be expected throughout the Dasa period of the Neech planet. We will see the Neechbhang Rajyoga rules below.

Neechbhang Rajyoga Rule(Calculation)

(Tips to understand)
Kendra House – 1, 4th, 7th and 10 house from the Moon or Ascendant(Lagna)
Trine House – 1, 5th, 9th house from the Moon or Ascendant(Lagna)

  • A Planet is located in its debilitated Sign and the ruling lord of that sign is placed in the Kendra Bhava(House) from the Moon, then Neechbhang Rajyoga is formed. This means that the particular planet comes out of weakness and gives good results.
  • According to another rule, a planet is Neech(Debilitation) in a Zodiac Sign. Neechbhang Rajyoga is formed when the Exaltation planet of that Zodiac Sign sits in the Kendra Bhava(house) from the Moon.
  • Another rule explains that if a planet is in a Neech(Debilitation) Zodiac Sign, the ruling Lord of that Zodiac Sign is in the Kendra houses from the Moon.
  • When a planet is established in its Neech(Debilitated) house and the ruling planet of that Zodiac is aspect from the Exalted house, develops Neechbhang Rajyoga.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, when a planet is Debilitated in one Sign, the ruled planet in the same sign is positioned in Angular or Kendra houses from the moon, and then Neechbhang Rajyoga develops.
  • One of the conditions that arises when Neechbhang Rajyog is formed is when a planet is positioned in a Sign in its Debilitated house, while the Exalted planet in the same sign is seated in Angular or Kendra houses from Ascendant(Lagna).
  • Neechbhang Rajyoga develops when a planet is in a Zodiac Sign of its Neech(Debilitated) house and the Exalted planet is in the same Zodiac Sign.
  • Apart from the birth Kundli to calculate Neechbhang Rajyoga, Navamsa kundli is also more importance. Although a planet is in a Neech(Debilitated) sign of birth Kundli, but in its Exalted house in Navamsha Kundli then Neechbhand Rajyog formed.
  • Neechbhang Rajyoga occurs when the Neech planet reaches Exalted or Ruled house in the Navamsa Chakra.
  • If the Neech planet gets Retrograde(Vakri), then Neechbhang Rajyoga will occur.
  • Aspect one Neech planet and another Neech planet is causing Neechbhang Rajyog.
  • The Debilitated planet is in Vargottama.
  • Neech planet had a Transit in Kundli.

Celebrities with Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

Barack Obama – 44th president of the United States
Queen Elizabeth II – Queen of the United Kingdom
​Narendra Modi – the Prime Minister of India from 2014 to present
Deepika Padukone – Bollywood Actress
David Cameron – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2016
Manorama – Old Tamil Actress


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