Naga Dosham Effects in Marriage

Naga Dosham(Rahu Ketu Dosham) is caused by Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu seated in the 1,2,5,7,8,12th houses which can causes unsatisfied family life, delay marriage and Child birth, it is called Sarpa Dosham or Naga Dosham.

The Sarpa Graha sits in Ascendant(Lagna) create unstable attitude, delaying marriage, giving up restless life, regretting the decisions they make, and causing indifference in mental life.

Rahu and Ketu sits in 2nd house do not create a good family atmosphere. The problem with speaking, the impurity of the speech and causing marriage delays.

Naga Dosham Effects in Marriage

Naga Dosham Effects in Marriage

Naga Dosham or Sarpa Dosham

The Sarpa Grahas sits in the 5th house are deeply creating manipulative deceitful thoughts, delaying the child birth, and creating depression by the Children.

Rahu Ketu sitting on the 7th house will affect the marriage. There will be no social friendship between friends, and there will be problem by the joint venture. Hostile marital life will ensue. Various depressions, obstacles and delays in marriage will take place later.

Rahu Ketu, the serpent who sits at 8th house, can cause late marriage or troubled marriage. And family problems can cause humiliation in the living space. It can also cause the horoscope to become inferior, fearless of disgrace attitude and have a fear of poisonous animals.

Snakes in the 12th house can cause unsatisfactory marriage, frequent separation from the family, unhealthiness of the pair and unnecessary waste by them.

Sarpa Dosham Pariharam

It is good to go to Shiva temple and Devi temple often and worship Sarpa Shanti. Giving good results to reduce all problems in life.

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