Malavya Yoga in Astrology

There are many yogas in Astrology based on the planetary system. However, Malavya Yoga is considered to be the best of the Panch Mahapurush Yoga. This yoga is performed by Venus. Let’s see what kind of benefit is available if Venus conjunction with other planets.

Malavya Yoga in Astrology

Malavya Yoga in Astrology

Facts About Venus

Venus, the auspicious planet is the giver of pleasure. He can give many types of benefits. But on the other hand who can do some harm. Ruler of Taurus and Libra and Exalted in Pisces.

Usually Venus is not strong in many horoscopes. That is, Venus is Combust when it is close to the Sun. And since Venus dominates both houses, he will be able to do some harm in some way.

Venus gives good benefits for his own house Taurus and Libra Ascendant people.

Likewise, Venus brings good results for his friendly planet’s(Mercury and Saturn) houses. So Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius will get Auspicious benefits from Venus.

Malavya Yoga or Malvya Yoga

Malavya Yoga is formed by Venus. Malvya Yoga means Venus sits in ruled houses or exalted house, which is should be in Kendra(1,4th,7th,10th houses) from the Moon or Ascendant.

Those who have this yoga will have strong body and mind. Joining crap and wealth. They will have Nice comfortable land, good wife and vehicle facilities. Peoples are involvement in entertainment. There will be a lot of artistry. They love to eat delicious food.

For Example,

Aries Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 7th house(Own House/Ruled House)
Gemini Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 10th house(Exalted House)
Cancer Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 4th house(Ruled House)
Leo Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 10th house(Ruled House)
Virgo Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 7th house(Exalted House)
Scorpio Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 7th house(Ruled House)
Sagittarius Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 4th house(Exalted House)
Capricorn Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 10th house(Ruled House)
Aquarius Ascendant/Zodiac – Venus sits in 4th house(Ruled House)

Malavya Yoga occurs in this planetary position. However, in some horoscopes, even if it is in the Kendra, the benefits will not be available due to Kendradhipati Dosha, You need to check it all out.

Whereas this Malvya Yoga does not give good result in Venus sit seventh house. (because Karako Bhava Nashaya works here). Kindly check your horoscope whether you have this yoga or not.

Malavya Yoga Effects

The people born in Malavya Yoga are have the perfect grace of Venus. Horoscopes with this yoga will have a good healthy body and a body and facial structure that can impress others.

After they are born, they begin to amass great wealth for their family. They are involved in many arts and specialize in a few arts. The best art lovers.

They will be loving and kind to other creatures. Will have a lot of attraction and involvement on women. Some of these will be huge diamond traders.

Industries such as perfumery and confectionery are very lucrative. The most beautiful looking life partner for them. They will live with balanced wealth until the end of their lives.

The Yoga gives more favorable results to media planners, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, interior decorators, photographers, marriage bureau directors, T.V. hosts, beauticians, movie actors, fashion designers, musicians, models and singers…(These all are general Rule)

Common Question About Malavya Yoga

What is Malavya Panch Mahapurush Yoga?

Malavya Yoga is one of the important yoga system in Panch Mahapurush Yoga. This yoga is formed by Venus.

How do I check my Malavya Yoga?

Venus is placed in exaltation sign or own sign and located in one of the Kendra(quadrant) houses.

How strong is Malavya yoga?

The yoga has a very strong impact on the life of the natives. But, it should not be conjunction or aspects with the malefic planets.

What about marriage life of Malavya yoga?

The will have most beautiful life partner. Also, will have lot of attraction and involvement on opposite sex.