Libra Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Libra Sign

People born in Libra sign have normal height, thick eyebrows, wide eyes, decisive vision, bright eyes, slightly flat nose, long ears, wide lips and rounded legs. Women with broad face, slightly broad forehead, wide eyes, good eyebrows, broad shoulders and beautiful feet.

Libra Sign Dates – September 23–October 23
Libra Star (Vedic Astrology)Chitra 3, 4, Swati, Vishaka 1, 2 ,3
Element Air
ColorPink, White, Green
Ruler –  Venus

Libra Sign

Libra Sign

Libra Characteristics

Libra sign people are more interested in beautifying themselves. People who like to wear all kinds of clothes and jewelry. They treat everyone equally, regardless of whether they are superior or inferior.

Justice and honesty will be given more importance. Those who are good at guessing others. They want to be happy in any difficult situation. They will explore the whole thing and come to a conclusion.

Libra zodiac people will do any thing calmly and perfectly. If they tell someone to do it, they will do it anyway. They never get tired of failures.

Libra zodiac sign do not depend on anyone. They have a lot of zeal. They will place more emphasis on dignity and they are compassionate, have a lot of family responsibilities, and do public services.

Libra Traits

Talking to Libra zodiac sign people is an impossible thing to overcome. Usually traveling is one of their favorite activities. People born in the Libra zodiac sign will want to progress on their own initiative. Will not look forward to anyone’s kindness.

Libra zodiac signs are realistic. Those who have a preference for normal life. Will be on an equal footing. They have a tendency to give up.

They will explore and learn anything. Imaginative, people who love everyone. These guys like to be honest. They are hard workers and helpful to others.

Marriage Life of Libra Sign

The married life of Libra zodiac sign will be full of prosperity after marriage. Their life partner will be well-informed, calm and will not give up on each other.

The family will treat the couple in advance as they know their needs in advance. Feeding on time is adaptable no matter how many grievances occur. The family environment is much better when one is angry and the other is calm.

They will behave without any difference of opinion or hatred. Life will be trouble free as long as you have a life partner.

Libra Sign Economic Status

For those born in Libra, cash flow will be uneven. Expenses knock on the door before cash arrives on hand.

Family responsibilities are too high to save. However, the cash flow will continue to come according to their needs.

They also support those who come who are not poor and simple. Even if they face difficulties at a young age, they will later arrange a house, flat, or car for themselves and their family.

Their lives will be a struggle until middle age. It is better to reduce unnecessary expenses. People with good philanthropic thinking will spend a lot on public welfare services.

Travel expenses will also be higher as frequent outings will be opportunities for making divine pilgrimages. They will not fail to earn and save for the heirs as they will have a permanent income.


Those born in Libra will get the baby a little late. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average girl. They incur medical expenses and debts due to children. Then all problems are solved.


People born in Libra are more likely to be involved in politics or government-related work. They will soon be promoted to the ranks of the police, the military, the editors, the acting, the media and the hotel industry.

They will be compensated for anything only after seeing the profit and loss account. Yet when engaging in joint ventures one encounters futile problems with partners.

Do not like to move forward holding the hand and foot of others. Will progress on its own initiative. Even if you have to buy loans for business, they will help you by giving you money without knocking on the door.

They also take advantage of the benefits and move forward in life and pay off debts.

Foods to Eat

People born in Libra can add a lot of vegetables and spinach. It is good to reduce fatty substances, oily substances etc.