Leo Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Leo sign

Leo Sign people will live with confidence because the Sun is the lord of your zodiac. Once you have made a decision, changing it for whatever reason is not in your dictionary.

Leo Sign DatesJuly 23 – August 22
Leo Star (Vedic Astrology)Makha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni 1st pada
Element Fire
ColorRed, Orange
Ruler –  Sun

Leo Sign

Leo Sign

Leo Characteristics

They have a lot of anger. Leo zodiac signs people act fast in all things. They are brave and courageous. Eyes that are not afraid of anything. Those who have love, humility, respect all join together. They will forgive even the enemies, but not the traitors.

There will be a clarity in their speech. Most of them have no shortage of cash in life. These are the ones who are complacent. It is easier to talk to them lovingly than to intimidate them..

You will behave in a way that parents will appreciate. People born in the sign of Leo do not have a career suitable for their studies. Often it is the business of hiring someone. You get leverage to grow your business faster and with less hassle

Leo Traits

Leo signs people are more diligent. These are bound by the righteousness of justice. They will not tolerate even the slightest mistake made by others.

Leo Zodiac sign people show speed in all that is thought, word, action and you will expect the result immediately. You do not like to be criticized from behind and betrayed from behind. As for the food, you want it to be hot and tasty.

You will have no shortage of money. But with the salient advantages, you must know some of the costs as well. You will speak frankly the moment you think.

Marriage Life of Leo Sign

For those born in the zodiac sign of Leo, married life will not be easy. It is difficult for the majority of Leos to have a satisfying marriage.

Repressive and skeptical. There will be a lot of disagreements with the life partner. They prefer to live alone rather than as a joint family after marriage. He will do his duty to the family without fail. No matter how many problems there are in life they will be found with mental happiness.

Leo Zodiac Sign Economic Status

Income level is better for those born in Leo zodiac. He will raise the economic level according to his need even if there are unexpected expenses.

People who always want to buy high quality products do not have to worry about costs. Whether he is getting paid in a job or a profession, he will increase his cash flow by his skill.

They do not like to borrow. Even if they take out a loan, they will not be affected by the debt as they will repay it fairly. They will set up house, land etc. by their own earnings. There will be cart, vehicle and facilities. Luxurious clothes are more expensive as they prefer modern items.


Most of the people born in Leo sign have more male children. Children are more prudent. Children will benefit along the way because those who receive God’s perfect blessing are Leo zodiac signs.


People born in the zodiac sign of Leo have the energy to do government service. Whether in politics or in business, a good reputation can be profitable.

Profits from the work of a lawyer, music, poetry, food grains, herbs, and medicine.

They do not stay anywhere for a long time despite the circumstances that make frequent trips. Those who do not like slavery. Even in the field of art they can shine but can not anticipate cash flow. It is difficult for them to get along with others because they are more prone to anger.

Foods to Eat

It is advisable for Leo zodiac sign people to remove the tubers as much as possible and add more spinach to their diet. Adding fibrous fruits to the diet does not cause constipation. Avoiding oily products can reduce the build up of fat.