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Ketu in 12 Houses

Ketu in 12 Houses

In this post we will look at the benefit of Ketu in 12 Houses and some interesting information about Ketu and the benefits of planetary combinations(Ketu Guru) and Ketu in 5th house love marriage prediction.

Ketu in 1st House

The person in the 1st house of Ketu will be wise, well-behaved and well-informed who knows worldly things. The one who looks like he is quiet to look at. Stay calm and be accomplished and successful. Will be anxious. They will always work to reduce costs. He will always be frustrated. Will be arrogant.

Ketu in 2nd House

If Ketu is in the 2nd house, their words will come true. There will be non-dual talk. Will have more of a grudge. Sometimes they have a tendency to hide the truth. Also, keep something else in mind and talk about something else on the outside.

These people will talk more philosophies. They are more likely to be without family adjustment. Similarly their income will not be uniform. Someone in the family is often unwell. Primary education will be disrupted.

Ketu in 3rd House

A person in the 3rd house Ketu is likely to be barred from giving birth to his younger brother / sister. Malignancy is low. They are more angry. Employees will not obey them. Ear related diseases can occur. Spiritual involvement is good for them.

Ketu in 4th House

Those with 4th house Ketu have a lot of experiential knowledge. They are intelligent and have adequate facilities as required. Most do not get the love of their mother. Will be interested in buying an old vehicle and house. The mother will be the spiritual plaintiff. The mother’s health needs attention.

Ketu in 5th House

Those who have Ketu in the 5th house will have Child Dosha. They have problems with access to Native property. Those with more Spiritual involvement. Will be interested to learn many arts. They prefer wandering outside than at home.

Ketu in 6th House

Those who have Ketu in the 6th house are the ones who have the power to defeat the enemies. Those who have the ability to finish what is thought. There will be no large-scale debt harassment. will be rapid progress in life. There will be a good comfortable life. Get support from relatives. Those with quick speech and action skills.

Ketu in 7th House

For most people who are Ketu in the 7th house, married life will not be good. The wedding will be delayed. Dissatisfaction with family members and friends and work partners will not be better. Disagreement between husband and wife will continue. The health of the spouse needs attention.

Spiritual worship by both spouses on a daily basis will reduce problems and well-being.

Ketu in 8th House

Ketu in the 8th house is a person full of devotion. So there is a chance of going on more pilgrimages. Problems will come looking for him. Therefore, material loss occurs. He will always be confusing and confuse others. He would hurt others with harsh words. Will do indirect actions.

Ketu in 9th House

The person who is Ketu in the 9th house will not have spiritual thoughts. Atheism will speak. Will not execute the said words. There will be no smooth relationship with his father. He will have inferior friendly circles so that he will dare to do wrong deeds and profit from them. A person who does not respect those who are older than himself.

Ketu in 10th House

Ketu in the 10th house does not have a good career. It is better to do Ketu based business. Will be honest in business. Will learn any profession quickly. One who is more interested in spirituality. There will be hectic work. He is well versed in the field of traditional medicine, astrology, spirituality and thread-related business/job.

Ketu in 11th House

The one who has Ketu in the 11th house will enjoy life better. Wealth will be steady. There will be no cash crunch. Communication with older brother or sister may not be good. There will always be disagreement with them. There will be interest in drug use. As well as one who is eager to learn all things.

Ketu in 12th House

Sleep is not good for a person who is in the 12th house Ketu. Those who dream too much. A person who is more interested in using drugs will become more and more addicted to it. He has evil friendships in the first half of life and then in the last half he becomes the best devotee in spirituality. Will not have thoughts of family. Will experience a lot of suffering. Shastra says that this is his last birth.

If Ketu is in the 12th house he will not be able to progress in his hometown and the obstacles will remain. Yoga works well if they go abroad.

Below we will see other information about Ketu.

Ketu in 5th House Love Marriage

For those who are Ketu in the 5th house, there is no harmony between the spouses whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage.. However they will be very helpful for devotional and spiritual matters.

They are late in having children so they may have problems with their spouse. Both Husband and Wife can live a good life without any problems between the two by worshiping the Family Deity or daily worship.

Ketu Guru Conjunction

Our original texts say that the combination of Ketu Guru is millionaire yoga. But in practice this does not apply, as the general rule would have stated in the original texts.

The one who belongs to Ketu Guru will have a thin stature. No matter how much credit he asks for, he will get it where asked. Then, they face problems of not being able to repay the loan. It is better not to borrow money from anyone.

There will be a delay in the birth of the baby. There will be no use by his children. Children always have a difference of opinion. Good teachers will not be available.

There will be interruptions in making money. This rule does not apply to those who have this combination in the 11th house.

Those who are more involved in spirituality. Otherwise they have to do spiritual worship. Thus they can escape from big problems.

However Ketu Dasa will have the opportunity to make more money. And get more profit in Spirituality related business.


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