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Interesting Information About Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu is the only one who has the powers to rule one’s horoscope.

Scientifically speaking, Rahu Ketu is where the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth meet. The Northern part is called Rahu and the Southern part Ketu.

Rahu-Ketu has no shadow planets and we call them shadow rays i.e. (Chaya) planets in Vedic astrology.

The perfect solar eclipse is caused by Rahu, the perfect lunar eclipse by Ketu.

Absolute New Moon and Absolute Full Moon are the New Moons and full moons that precede the Rahu Ketu shift.

Rahu is a black cobra, Ketu is a red snake, and it is good to read their slogans often.

The Rahu Ketu shift is the interval between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, and this one and a half year Rahu Ketu shift period. Thus it takes eighteen years to cross the 12 zodiac signs. This is the 18 years of Rahu’s Dasa.

The Rahu Ketu shift is the interval between one solar eclipse and the next.

If our ancestors at that time took into account a month, they took into account the interval between one New Moon and the next.

Rahu Ketu Temple

Thirupambaram – Kumbakonam- Karaikkal route Tamil Nadu
Thirunageswaram – Kumbakonam District, Tamil Nadu
Sri Kalahasteeswara Temple –  Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh
Sri Mahabaleswarar Temple – Gokarna, Karnataka
Keelapperumpallam – Mayiladuthurai District, Tamil Nadu
Kukke Subramanya Temple – Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple – Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

above all are Rahu Ketu Dosha compensation Temples.

Rahu Dosham

Only those with Rahu Dosham are likely to be struck by thunder and lightning.

Rahu Ketu is our sperm. The shape of the sperm is actually the head and tail. The head – Rahu, the tail – Ketu

Rahu is a virus that can be created and spread

That is, the virus that can destroy the Ketu virus.

Rahu is the lord of occult things. Voodoo, sorcery, evil, witchcraft, practitioners do everything during the New Moon because it is during the New Moon that the rays of Rahu come and fall on the earth.

Only during the full moon will they do things like giving Didi, doing voodoo and sacrificing.

The goddess Kali, Durga and other deities Narasimha, Pratyangara Devi, are adhidevata for Rahu.

Ketu is the astrologer, the lord of carnality and spirituality. That is why in the temples Yagya, Homam, Remedies, consecrate, specials are performed on the star days of Ketu.

Gayatri Mantra for Rahu

Om Sookdantaya Vidmahe,
Ugraroopaya dheemahee,
Tannnoh Rahu Prachodayaat.


I pray to  Rahu, who has a peaceful and ferocious form. Let Rahu enhance my intellect and give me insight.

“Om Naakadhwajaaya Vidmahae,
Padma hastaaya Dheemahi,
Tannoh Raahu Prachodayaat.”


I meditate on Rahu, who is in the form of a flag bearing snake, holding a lotus in his hands. Let Rahu enhance my intellect and give me insight.

Rahu – Solar Eclipse

When Rahu swallows the sun during a solar eclipse, the sunlight does not fall on the 9th planet. Thus stopping those radiations coming to Earth from 9 planets.

There are nine more planets on this earth than any other
Have a greater impact. At those particular times when a solar eclipse occurs our planet goes unrelated to the divine power in the universe.

That is why all the temples are closed on the day of the solar eclipse.

Only on the day of the solar eclipse will the sorcerers, the doers, the asuras, who can do these evil deeds, increase their power by giving human sacrifices.

Ketu – Lunar Eclipse

Only on the day of the lunar eclipse will new creatures or creatures be born on this earth.

The planet responsible for the spirituality of the lord of Ketu Yagya. That is why on the full moon day special prayers and sacrifices to the gods go to pluck herbs.

On the full moon day the radiation of Ketu falls more and more to the earth. Only then will special sacrifices be performed.

Rahu refers to our ancestors which is why we give Tithi to our ancestors during the New Moon.

Rahu The souls or spirits who have died with unquenchable desire will say that is why no one should come out at night in New Moon.

Ketu Dosham

If there is life in our body with unquenchable desire it is Rahu. If life separates from the body, it is Ketu.

Ketu is the chief of Moksha. Ketu is the one who tells us whether we are Mukti or reborn when life leaves our body.

There is no such thing as Ketu Dosham. However, some books point, A man has no death and no birth when Ketu becomes Dosham.

Rahu is the one who has unquenchable desire and Ketu is the one who has unquenchable duty. Rahu will take us to the endless desire in the gone paradise. Ketu will take on an unfulfilled duty in the gone life.

If Rahu wants one thing for himself, Rahu will fulfill that desire only through others.

In the same way, wherever Rahu is in our horoscope or with any planet, the Planetary Karakatwas, the home of the planet Karakatwas, will not give up desire no matter how much he gives to this horoscope in this birth.

wherever Ketu is in our horoscope or with any planet, the Planetary Karakatwas, the house of the Planetary Karakatwas, will have to pay off debt or duty in this life.

This is why Rahu Ketu is given more importance in astrology.

Long live prosperity!


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