Gemini Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Gemini Sign

People born in Gemini sign people will work hard. They don’t like to be lazy. They will change their character according to the situation. Only those who are close to them can understand them. If you entrust something to them, they will do it responsibly. They have a good memory. Has the ability to understand when anything is said.

Gemini Sign Dates – May 21–June 21
Gemini Star (Vedic Astrology)Mrighasira 3 and 4th pada,  Ardra, Punarvasu 1, 2 & 3rd pada
Element Air
ColorGreen and Yellow
Ruler –  Mercury

Gemini Sign

Gemini Sign

Gemini Characteristics

Gemini zodiac sign people, those who are adept at delivering justice as accurately as the goal of balancing and adjusting, no matter what the problem. You may be reluctant to ask for help, even from close friends.

Those who seem ordinary to look at but are good at accomplishing their own things. Killers in making fun of others, making fun of them and making them cry.

They have a lot of talk. Will be involved in social and public life. Will excel in writing and music. These zodiac sign people who have a greater desire to live in luxury. They want to have all the comforts and live happily ever after.

Gemini zodiac sign people do not show much interest in saving. They will spend it no matter how much money. They make hasty decisions and then get into trouble. Gemini zodiac people will choose intelligent work instead of hard work.

Gemini Traits

People born in Gemini zodiac have beautiful fish-like eyes. They will tell the story with their eyes. Despite his tall physique, he remains lean. Always coming around actively. They have a broad forehead and a uniqueness that will impress others. They often get confused. Longevity means live to at least 80 years.

People born in Gemini zodiac sign are those who spend more than they need, and can not save no matter how much money you give.

Even if you have affection for older brothers and sisters, you will show more love for younger brothers and sisters.

However the decisions your older siblings make may negatively affect you. Think carefully about the advice of your older siblings and then make a decision.

Gemini Sign Marriage Life

Gemini zodiac sign are the lucky ones when it comes to married life. They will have a life partner beauty and status.

Even minor disagreements between husband and wife can go unnoticed by others. They will live together on the outside despite the problem on the inside. There will also be unwanted interactions as there are people who are slightly involved in eroticism.

Gemini Sign Economic Status

People born in Gemini zodiac are more likely to enjoy luxury. Home, land, amenities, car and vehicle facilities will be at their discretion.

Even if the cash flow is generous, people will love to buy expensive modern items and clothing accessories for living comforts. They will not hesitate to borrow more to augment their living conditions. This can lead to a lot of debt and having to pay interest on it. Be careful.


Those born in the Gemini zodiac will be subjected to vain harassment, debts and quarrels by children.

For these zodiac signs, childbirth is a bit late. They are devastated by their hasty decision and may even lose the support of relatives and adopted children.

Relationships can only be maintained by exercising restraint in speech when speaking to others. In adulthood, children may disagree and live apart.


Gemini sign people, no matter what profession they take, will act with justice and profit and make a profit. Bank, interest shop, jewelry business, lawyer work, consultant, commission, agency, contract, milk, ghee, butter exports, etc.

I.e. those who are good at beating two birds with one stone. There will also be involvement in agriculture. They will choose smart jobs without working as hard as possible.

Their skills in accounting, computer science research, storytelling, etc. will shine. Any profession will be difficult for them as they have the energy to achieve anything with their speaking skills in external circles.

Foods to Eat

People born in Gemini sign should avoid spicy foods and hot foods as much as possible. Milk, yogurt, ghee, butter, spinach, tomatoes, barley, beans, watermelon,