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Education Prediction in Astrology

Education Astrology Predictions

Education Prediction in Astrology – Elementary schooling will be better if one has a 2nd house strength in the horoscope. If the 4th place is strong, he will definitely complete the degree well. If the 9th house is strong, there is a chance to get a doctorate degree in higher education.

The person who is strong on Mercury and Jupiter is the uneducated genius. Even if he does not go to college, he will gain knowledge through self-study.

There are those today who have the desire to become a doctor, some have the desire to excel in the field of Cinema, and those who have left IT and achieved in Natural Agriculture. It depends on the planetary position in their horoscope. If the auspicious planets are strong in the horoscope, the education that gives work to the brain and the white-collar job will be seen. If the malefic planets gain strength, technical education and physical labor will be promoted.

Mercury for Education

Wisdom, Ingenuity, and Memory are good if there is Mercury Grace. Mercury needs to be strong on both the Zodiac wheel and the Amsa wheel. It is better not to reach Mercury Debilitation and not to disappear at 6, 8, 12 place.

In some horoscopes the Mercury level may be slightly weaker or disappear(6,8,12th place) but can be read up to higher education by some other good planetary position. Can shine in Journalism, Writer, Communication, Lecturer, Computer Knowledge and Technology.

Higher Education Horoscope – Astrology Prediction?

4th House

In Astrology when it comes to higher education is usually the 4th place. Malefic planets should not be in the 4th house, Also, 4th house lord does not lose strength and the 5th house lord is strong, they will achieve without any hindrance in education.

The 5th house lord not only gained strength, Also the lords of the 4th and 5th house transit will help achieve in education.

Achievement in Study

In 12 houses in Astrology, the 2nd house in one’s horoscope is called Crap, Speech, Family position also which helps to know about basic Education. 4th house helps to learn about one’s educational knowledge and Skills. The 5th house is about higher education and graduate education.

Even if the 5th lord rules or exalted, even if a exalted planet is located in the 5th house, Mercury is well established in a horoscope, and the 5th house lord is strong, all of this position help one to achieve academically.

Causes of Obstacles

Since 2,4,5th houses are the place of education, it is better that these place are not weakened and not surrounded by malefic planets. If so surrounded by malefic planets there will be barriers in education. In particular, if the planets Rahu and Ketu, which can be described as serpents, are located in the above positions, education will be hindered.

If the Jupiter is in a good position of ruled or exalted in the horoscope, he will succeed if he is educated in the fields of Education, Finance, Justice, Administration and Charities.

What to Study?

If the Jupiter is in a good position either rule or exalted in the horoscope, he will succeed in the fields of education, finance, justice, administration and charities.

Jupiter and The Sun connection in the horoscope there is success in studying Medicine, Electrical, Solar energy, Philosophy, Aeronautics, can study Political science.

Jupiter and the Moon conjunction will work on Psychology, Marine, Chemistry, Food, Oil and Laboratory Education. Succeeds in studying Statistics, Geology, Administrator, Science, Civil Engineering, Physical Education, Agriculture, Construction and B. Pharmacy.

Jupiter and Mercury conjunction opportunity to work as a Banker, Mathematics Teacher, Auditor, Income Tax Department, Media, Speaker, Writer, Sculptor, etc.,

If Jupiter and Saturn is in alliance with the horoscope, you can study underground minerals, oil, laboratory studies, farm and animal based studies will be successful.

Jupiter and Rahu combo will benefit education in Electronics, Cement, Tile, Tiles, Aeronautics, Space Research. Ketu with Jupiter can study export, import, philosophy, medicine, related education.

Jupiter and Venus combo success in Affiliate, Catering, Cosmetics, Fashion Design, Garments, Jewelry, Foot Processing, Dairy,  Cinema, Media, and Visual Communication.


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