Daily Navagraha Mantra Tarot Reading

Daily Navagraha Mantra Tarot Card Reading – Today you will look out which planet really works for you and chanting the mantra of the planet will reap your problems and make you joyful day.

Check daily which planet works for you. Then we pray to Almighty God to chanting the mantra will solve your problems and struggles. Click the Card below

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Budha Gayatri Mantra(Mercury)

Today You will get many new contacts, have a good speech, have the intention to learn something new, your sibling may be helpful today and knowledge will increase.

Gayatri Mantra;-
Aum Gajad-vajaaya Vidmahe
Suka Hasthaya Dhimahee
Thanno Buddha Prachodayath

Benefits: Recitation of this Gayatri mantra improves education and art.

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