Combustion Planets in Astrology

Planets that are closest to the Sun lose their radiation by the Sun. Apart from Rahu Ketu and the Moon, other planets reach the position of ‘Combustion’ when they join the Sun at some degree. Thus, the Combustion Planets will lose their strength.

Combust Meaning in Astrology

The Combust meaning in Astrology is when the planets are close to the Sun certain degrees. Whatever strength(Ruled or Exalted) a planet has in the horoscope; it will lose its strength if it Combust. So as not to give the best benefits to the person. Both the Significance of the Combustion planet and the benefit of the planet owned house would affect.

Combustion Planets

Combustion Planets

This means that depending on the degree to which the planet is close to the Sun, its benefits will be less or slightly more. When the planets friendly to the Sun reach combust, the Sun will take a part of it benefits and give it to his Dasa periods.

The Combust planet is close to the Sun so the planet’s radiation does not fall on the earth. So it means that the planet will be far away from the earth. It is not possible to give light to the Earth from a distance so there is no benefit to the person from that planet. The Combust planet has no aspect benefit.

Cancellation of Combustion in Vedic Astrology

  • The Combustion will be resolved only if the Combustion planets should be Transit. There is no other solutions.
  • Mercury and the Sun conjunction works as BudhAditya Yoga instead of giving negative benefits.

Combustion Planets Degree

The Combustion meaning is when the planets are within a few degrees before or after the Sun. But Retrograde planets vary in Degree level. Let’s look at them.

Mars – 17°
Jupiter – 11°
Mercury – 14°
Saturn – 15°
Venus – 10°

Retrograde and Combust Planets Degrees

Venus and Mercury vary on degrees when combust and retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury – 12°
Retrograde Venus – 08°

Combust Mars

The Combust occurs when Mars is within 17 degrees of the Sun. The horoscope person in this system will not have a mental courage. Cause blood-related health problems. Childbirth can be caused by medical treatment. There will not be a good relationship with the younger brother and sister.

Combust Mercury Effects – BudhAditya Yoga

Combust is reached when Mercury is within 14 degrees of the Sun. This system is a barrier to education, a problem in the maternal relationship. In practice this does not work. ‘BudhAditya‘ occurs when the Sun and Mercury conjunction within 4 degrees. This yoga gives subtle knowledge and the person expertise in any field. This conjunction brings good results instead of bad ones.

Combust Jupiter

The combustion occurs when the Jupiter joins the Sun within 11 degrees. This can affect one’s child yoga, lead money problems, and give poor living conditions. Also, a person will not get Good teachers, or Mentors in life with this combust.

Combust Venus

If Venus sets within 8 degrees of the Sun, Venus will reach its eclipse. People with this system in the horoscope are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases and inactivity. Causing late marriage. Can’t buy and enjoy luxury items. Do not interested in learning arts. Always looks fatigue.

Combust Saturn

When Saturn sets within 15 degrees of the Sun, an Combust occurs. Health problems can affect a person with this condition. The father may be physically harmed and must be cautious. He does not have the right career. There is a problem with the legs. These are all general rules.


The rules above are all general. It should not be taken for prediction directly. All the benefits will vary depending on the person’s Ascendant(Lagna) in a horoscope and the house(Bhava) where this combustion is located.

Common Question of Combustion Planets

Is combust planet good or bad?

The significance of the combustion planets vary based on particular horoscope. Above we said Mercury combust the Sun form BudhAditya Yoga but generally, all the other planets not give good result a person. After analysing the Transit rules and combust occurs in which house we conclude.

How do you know if a planet is combust?

The planets are considered combust when they have close degrees with the Sun on either side.

Is combust planets always bad?

No, effects of combustion planets vary based on particular horoscope.