Capricorn Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Capricorn Sign

People born in Capricorn sign are of good height and have a slightly longer head. The eyebrows are densely curved. The ears are long and the shoulders are wide. Their bones and limbs are beautiful even though they look sleek.

People born in Capricorn sign will do all things patiently. These people are always thinking. Will be compassionate. No matter how big the failure, they will never get tired. They will learn a lesson from it and try again.

Capricorn Sign DatesDecember 22–January 19
Capricorn Star (Vedic Astrology)Uttarashada 2, 3, 4pada & Sharavan, Dhanishta 1, 2
Element Earth
ColorBlack, Blue
Ruler –  Saturn

Capricorn Sign

Capricorn Sign

Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorns are hard workers. These people will not promise anyone so easily. If they promise, they will finish it somehow. They will spend in vain to live in luxury.

Capricorn zodiac sign people consider the profession to be a deity. They will make progress and succeed in whatever field they are involved in. For them, the latter part of life will be happier than the later part of life.

You will start your own business in the middle of life. Engage in the construction business and make a profit. You want to work where money and fame come together

The economic status of Capricorn zodiac sign will continue to rise and fall. When the enemies need help, they will forget the enmity and help.

Even if you have a lot of money, you will still be looking for money for sudden expenses. Fluctuations in the economy will continue.

Capricorn Traits

Fresh thoughts keep popping up in your mind. You always ask others, ‘Tell me if you have a new idea’. You will not get tired. Even if you fail in life and go to the abyss, you will stand up again.

No matter how great the hardship and suffering in life, they will not care. Those who are more stubborn than others. They will think to gain in all things. They sometimes turn into comedians and make others laugh.

Capricorns have more affection for the family. Will have more love for parents and children. Even if he suffers, he will not do an act that will make the next person regret it.

Marriage Life of Capricorn Sign

Even those born into a normal family will act with unity by putting more affection on the family. It will happen the way they think about married life. The chances of getting married for love are very high.

Their spouse will make family management better and more economical. When one is angry one will give up.

Capricorns are those who have a long life and will make life better no matter how many hardships and tribulations they face. The support of relatives would also be better.

Capricorn Sign Economic Status

People born in Capricorn zodiac get the money they need. Will fulfill the needs of his labor. They will keep their promises even if the cash flow is delayed.

You will have to earn money without being able to enjoy anything as you thought to enjoy the comfort and peace. There will be trouble in enjoying despite the native asset.

Even if you buy a house or land, you may face unnecessary problems. So, there may be a waste of money. Also, luxury spending will do. Thus saving for them is an impossible task.


Babies born in Capricorn zodiac people are a little late. Female children can be expected to benefit slightly more than male children.

They and their children may have disagreements and live without peace of mind. It is best to keep some small savings to yourself.


People born in Capricorn zodiac will set up many large factories and employ many people. He is well known as an editor and scientist in the field of architecture and engineering.

They will gradually progress in their ambitions with fame and name in any field. Everything else will think next. They will see the profession as a deity.

Despite the hard work of duty in the early part of life, they will enjoy all the comforts of life later in life and live life happily.

Foods to Eat

Capricorns can live a healthy life by consuming spinach, bananas, banana stalks, carrots, onions and low fat diets to protect themselves from diseases.