Cancer Sign, Dates, Personality, Traits

Cancer Sign

Cancer zodiac sign people have a lot of respect for elders. There will be more devotion to God. Will be more affectionate towards the mother. They will have a nice beautiful and charming look. They have a great memory and intelligence.

Cancer Sign Dates – June 21 – July 22
Cancer Sign Star (Vedic Astrology)Punarvasu 4, Pushya, Ashlesha
Element Water
Ruler –  Moon

Cancer Sign

Cancer Sign

Cancer Characteristics

Cancer zodiac will bring it under their control no matter what the job. They have a lot of personality. Those who have the power to attract others. They will not take rest until they have completed the work they have accepted. They want to get a higher status in the society. He will live by helping his brothers and sisters.

These are people who have the desire to be active. They naturally have the energy to absorb everything easily. Those who are more compassionate. They are easily emotional and therefore regrettable. Those who are more stubborn. Cancer zodiac people are good-hearted people who do not lie.

People of zodiac sign are more concerned with the family. They will leave anything for the family. They want to live a comfortable life. Whose money will be out of their hands at any time. They have less of a saving habit. They will go abroad and earn money. Do not hesitate to spend on public works. It is good that they are paying attention to money matters

Cancer Traits

Cancer zodiac sign people will maintain power and personality in whatever field they enter. You will bring everyone under your complete control with your loving speech and management skills. You will also weaken those in power above you.

People of zodiac sign will not leave the work you have taken unfinished. Cancer sign people want to build a sophisticated house. Helping the common people and the poor will benefit you. This is the solution for you.

Imagination is high because they are water zodiac signs. Has a good memory. Although it is difficult to keep in touch with them easily, they cannot be separated after getting close to them. He will do all he can to help those who trust in him. Thus, there is often betrayal.

Married life Cancer Sign

The spouse they can afford will be able to work tirelessly. Cancer Zodiac keeps criticizing their spouse for something. Sometimes they talk a little and the next moment they talk angrily.

Early living facilities are declining. After marriage the status of money and wealth will gradually rise. They will live regardless of whether the joys and sorrows alternate. He will live a comfortable life with luxury for the rest of his life. Will care about the family.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Economic status

People born in the Cancer zodiac will want to live comfortably. Those who have the ability to make money in any way. They cannot be without cash on hand.

None of the money he lends will be returned. So, it is good to be focused. Money can cause problems even for close friends. Savings will be less even if the cash flow is commensurate with the cost of luxury.

From an early age, they will live a comfortable life in a house, land, door, car and vehicles. Borrowing is not something that astrologers like. He will pay off all of his property sales in his lifetime, even if it is a debt left by his parents.

Frequent spending on amenities and spending on public welfare are routine for them.


The girl child is more likely to be born in the Cancer zodiac. There is always a difference of opinion between them and their children. There are also some who adopt and raise for a male heir. But complete information about children is available only after research the self horoscope.


Cancer Zodiac sign people who are active and successful in anything will often have the opportunity to travel to distant lands.

They excel in performing arts, research, and culinary arts. They have a lot of art, voting skills and music. In painting, in the police, in the military, etc., there are some who hold high positions in the government. If they are involved in lottery races, betting, etc., they will face wastage.

Foods to Eat

Cancer Zodiac need to include milk, eggs, cabbage, spinach, pumpkin and cucumber in their diet frequently to protect themselves from diseases.