12 Houses in Astrology

All 12 Houses in Astrology – The most basic Astrological signs are 12 zodiac signs. The structure of that zodiac sign is the horoscope phase. The birth horoscope is the zodiac sign of the planets at the time of one’s birth.

The ascendant is the 1st house in a person’s horoscope. From there the next stage in the clockwise cycle is the 2nd house. Similarly the adjoining houses refer to the 12 house as the 3rd house and the 4th house, etc.,

Based on that we will see here what kind of benefits a planet will give to the 12 houses that are in your horoscope.

12 Houses in Astrology

12 Houses in Astrology

1st House or Ascendant or Lagna Bhava

It represents the Body, Beauty, Color, Nature of the blood, Beautiful internal parts, Head structure, all the pleasures and auspicious events that life enjoys in that horoscope.

Enjoying happiness, the house that symbolizes life for him. Only if the foundation of a building is good will the building be strong. If a person’s lagna is strong like that, he will get wealth and longevity. Enjoy life and live. For this, Lagna Bhava and  ruler of Lagna house must be strong.

2nd House

Is called the speech position. A horoscope refers to the Family, Crap, Basic Education, Right Eye, Speech, Artistic ability, Interest, Style, Consistent Principle, Face, Tongue, Food.

Based on this he will be exposed for telling the truth, lying and getting angry. The house that knows whether one is jealous or generous. This house also means knowing the taste and eating. Also referred to as a place to buy a house or land.

3rd House

These include the ability to face the enemy, communication, the ability to win, the ability to enjoy music, the interest in music, the level of professionalism, the vigor, his masculinity i.e. courage, bravery, fearless acting attitude.

This house symbolizes your Ear disease, Deafness, Clothing, Gold, Silver, Diamond and Jewelry wearing yoga.

It is also referred to as fraternal status.

4th House

Referred to as the Mother position. Higher Education, Vehicle purchase, Auspicious event at Home, Residence, Occupation, Maternal relationship, Health, Status of Relationships, and so on.

Benefits include gaining Fame and Fortune, short and long distance Travel, Milk, Production, Dairy products, and Spiritual Travel. Usually this position is based on the comfort of Home.

His education will be much better if Mercury is strong in the 4th house.

Depending on the strength of the Mars in the 4th house, the status of their immovable assets can be known. That means you can know the House, Land, Farm houses, Garden.

In the 4th house, depending on the strength of the Jupiter(Guru), one can know all the comforts one gets in one’s life, comforts and merit.

5th House

Referred to as Child Yog, Wealth and refers to the blessings of the past, the benefits based on good deeds done in the past life, Mastery of Language, ability to know Mantras and Scriptures, Higher Education, Intellect, Experiential knowledge, Oratory, Discourse, and always have blessing from Ancestors.

6th House

Debt, Disease, Poverty, referred to as the Enemy position. This includes any disease that a horoscope can cause, the danger posed by the enemy, the danger posed by Weapons, the Pain, the Wound Fighting, the War, going to Vain Womb, the theft of Goods, the danger posed by Water, Fire, and the danger posed by any Animal.

Laziness, Imprisonment, Slave Labor, Hotel industry etc. are the sixth house’s significance.

7th House

This house, which symbolizes Marriage, is the house of declaring a wife to be a man and a husband to be a woman. In addition, the period of marriage for a person, the life of the husband / wife. Marital bliss refers to eroticism.

It also refers to one’s Business, Partnership, Honor, Degree, Promotion, or Weaving business.

8th House

This is the house that tells one’s life. Fuss, Lawsuit, Issue, War, Injury by Weapon in combat, danger of falling from a high Place, accident falling from a Mountain.

It is a place where one can suffer from chronic Illness, Disruption, Anxiety, Unrelenting Enmity, Vain disturbances, doing inappropriate things, getting into great trouble due to it, Conflict of opinion, wasted expenses and Death.

9th House

Blessed position / Pitur position (Father). Sin committed before birth. Home for Donations, Spiritual pursuits, Temple renovations and consecrations, Charities.

Charity is giving, donation is giving without asking. The best donation is education donation. Feeding the hungry and helping poor children get an education is the best gift. A place to show that humanity is a Charitable sealer.

10th House

Official position. It refers to all kinds of work that can lead to Life, Business, Career, Karmic completion.

It refers to Working, making a Profit, holding a high position in a Job, a state Honor, a good position in Life. Qualification for a posthumous death.

11th House

Profit position house. Regarding births with elders, Serving, also refers to a second marriage (Younger Wife).

Indicate the profit in the do business. Symbolizes Raising, Caring for, Maintaining, Making friends, and benefiting from them. Peace of mind refers to the state of being intelligent and the state of being able to solve suffering.

12th house in Astrology

The place of salvation. It includes one’s Career, Business expenses, Office expenses, Royalty, Sleep comfort, Sacrificial attitude, unnecessary expenses, Last days, things that are available in the next birth. The 12th house is the destruction Bhava. That includes the attainment of salvation.